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Heal from Within Susan Clark, R.T.


After a 30 year career as a dental hygienist, I was forced to retire due to multiple surgeries on my hands. I missed being a care giver and working with patients. Then I heard about Reiki. As soon as I met Susan I felt a connection with her positive energy. She explained what Reiki was, and shared some of her journey to becoming a Reiki Master. I thought this sounds like a perfect way to still be a care giver, just in a different way. I enrolled in Susan’s Reiki I course. This course started my journey in Reiki. It was such a positive experience. I am more at peace with myself and my surroundings. I have a new attitude and excitement about life. It has given me a renewed sense of purpose, and awareness. I am so happy to be able to give healing to others again. I am continuing to grow and feel the rewards of giving Reiki to others. I will be continuing with Susan's Reiki II course later this month. I highly recommend these courses even if you only want to give Reiki to yourself. However, I'm sure you will want to share your new found skills.

- Linda C., Dental Hygienist

I went to Reiki out of curiosity…and with reservations. I learned that using Reiki is so simple and easy!

Since my first training, I have used Reiki daily: on family, friends, my cat, and myself…a sister reported lasting relief from chronic pain afterwards, and I am finding reduced pain in my arm that has been hurting for more than a year. I don’t know why it isn’t used more by everyone!

I am going to Reiki II to learn to use it in more ways. Susan is very supportive and generous as a teacher. Thank you Susan, for helping to bring this into my life.

- Debra Ashland

I recently had a session with Susan, and discovered within a few hours afterward that an intermittent nagging sciatic pain in my back and leg was gone. Not only that day, but everyday after... Thank you Susan for helping me! You are the 1st person I will call in the future

- Pat B., Apriori Beauty, LLC

It was Awesome!!! Thank you Susan for making it a wonderful, learning and soulful experience! I'm so glad you were my teacher for this! Such a great loving soul you are! And the group of ladies were so wonderful!

- Hollie

During a high point of stress in my life I was fortunate enough to meet Susan. Working full-time in a demanding, fast paced environment, attending nursing school in the evening, and managing a newly diagnosed autoimmune disease, I felt physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually depleted. I decided that in order to feel better I needed to do something for myself that wouldn’t require concentration, time or a lot of money. I found Susan and signed up for Reiki I. Being a person who finds meditation frustrating, I figured that I should try Reiki as an alternate form of physiological and mental cleansing. This was one of the best steps I have ever taken for myself. I had been “Reiki’d” in the past, but Susan is special and blessed with a gift of healing. From her glow to her voice and gentle touch, Susan immediately showed me a new method of relaxing and demonstrated pure, positive energy.

After my Reiki I course, I felt rejuvenated. From that point on, things in my life began to change for the better and somewhat effortlessly. I attended Reiki II and began to practice on family, friends, and myself regularly. I felt so fantastic and balanced that I began to get treatments from Susan weekly. My concentration, sleep, impulse control, stability, physical condition, and general outlook have all improved drastically. Not only have I evolved as a spiritual being, but I have met a truly beautiful person and friend.

- Jenn